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Black History Month with Huetribe

Black History Month: Afromazing Xmas
Black History Month: You are amazing
Black History Month: I am so lucky
Black History Month: Anniversary sunset

As Creative Director for Huetribe, we had a really amazing opportunity to design a range of Cards for Moonpig and Scribbler for Black History Month. We really wanted to create a range of cards that celebrate with pride all shades of Black and Brown. The designs promote diverse representation that is sorely lacking in the UK greeting card industry.

Our aim was not only to celebrate Black History Month, but also to emphasise the empowerment of Black people all over the world today and acknowledge the significant contribution to society that Black women have fought for generations to bring us to where we are today.

As a lead contributor to the #supportblackdesigners campaign with Scribbler, the aim was for 100% of the profits to go to BAME and BLM Charities. Huetribe’s individual contribution was £500 through Scribbler sales that went to the Stephen Lawrence Trust.

“When you walk into the store and see images on greeting cards representative of your diverse background or relationships, it gives a sense of acceptance that people realise you’re part of ‘mainstream’ society too.”

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