Ripple Energy Animation

Ripple Energy wanted to create a series of animated videos for their website and social media platforms to promote getting involved in owning part of a wind farm to power your home with truly cheap, green electricity.

The style of the animated videos had to be simple to get across key information quickly. There are lots of infographics and stats about tariffs, how the share offer works to how savings are calculated so the idea was to create something that was light and informative so that it was easy to digest this information and create a sense of a positive green future to encourage people to get on board this people powered movement so it is a win-win for communities as well as being better for our environment.


Ripple Energy


Motion Graphics, After Effects, 2d Animation, Infographics

Ripple Energy video still 1
Ripple Energy video still 2
Ripple Energy video still 3
Ripple Energy video still 4